A New Approach: Revolutionizing Care in Mental Health and Addiction Services

By Josh Kovin
Published Monday, May 13, 2024
Team Recovery Ohio

At Team Recovery, we are dedicated to redefining mental health and addiction services through our innovative approach characterized by comprehensive care and deep compassion. Our mission revolves around our mantra: “We take care of people.” This philosophy shapes every aspect of our services, ensuring that each individual receives personalized and holistic treatment.

What “Taking Care of People” Means

“Taking care of people” at Team Recovery means providing more than just traditional therapy; it encompasses a full spectrum of support designed to address the holistic needs of each individual. This includes integrating mental health services with community support, innovative treatment plans, and continuous aftercare, all tailored to foster long-term recovery and well-being.

Core Values that Set Us Apart

Our approach is built on four core values that distinguish us in the field:

  • Culture: We foster a creative and collaborative environment that encourages new solutions and continuous improvement.
  • Optimism: Our team approaches challenges with positivity and a problem-solving mindset, ensuring that we always find the best outcomes for our clients.
  • Resilience: We emphasize strength and adaptability, crucial traits for overcoming the challenges associated with recovery.
  • Excellence: Each team member strives for the highest standards of integrity and accountability in their work.

The Impact of Our Approach

Our new approach has significantly impacted the community by providing effective, evidence-based solutions tailored to individual needs. This strategy enhances patient outcomes, reduces relapse rates, and builds a sustainable recovery path for every individual we serve.

Here’s what founder and CEO, Matt Bell, had to say regarding our New Approach:

“We have an advantage that many agencies don’t have… as a relatively new service provider, we get to create a culture and then maintain it as we scale. A large part of that culture is simply taking care of people. That means taking care of ourselves and our team, and in doing that, our clients receive a premium service that they won’t find elsewhere. Excellence is our standard, not only because we can, but because our clients deserve it.”

Get Involved and Stay Connected

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Call to Action

If you’re inspired by our new approach and want to see firsthand how we’re transforming lives, contact us today. Our doors are open to everyone seeking help, and we are eager to show how our unique methods make a difference.

Team Recovery stands as a leader in mental health and addiction services by consistently putting people first, reinforcing our commitment to quality, innovation, and compassion in every aspect of our work. Join us as we continue to provide cutting-edge care and expand our impact across Ohio.