Drug Addiction Help and Recovery in Toledo

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Changing lives since 2015

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Life-Line Support

Our confidential phone line (419-561-5433) offers guidance, resources, and a listening ear for those affected by addiction, mental health concerns, and families in need of support.

  • IMPACT: On an annual basis, we field approximately 18,000 calls

F.A.A.D Family Support Group

Hosted every Thursday from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM for a safe space where families, including those with loved ones in recovery, can find understanding, connection, and valuable resources.

  • IMPACT: On a weekly basis, we reach, connect, and educate approximately 45-60 families who have lost a loved one or have been affected by addiction

Prevention- Based Youth Programs

  • “Choices and Consequences” School Presentations: Our engaging talks provide education and prevention strategies for students, addressing addiction, alcoholism, and life choices, helping young minds make informed decisions.
    • IMPACT: On an annual basis, we serve approximately 20 schools
  • Young & Sober Program
    • An initiative designed to offer mentorship, support, and leadership development to students ages 14-18 affected by addiction. This program focuses on building purposeful connection and a safe-space to share about the trauma of addiction while promoting sobriety, emotional health, and mental well-being.
    • IMPACT: This is a brand-new initiative coming in Summer of 2024


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