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Face challenges and celebrate triumphs together. Residents at our Toledo Sober Living Campus engage and support one another, creating meaningful relationships that can last a lifetime. Depending on your level of independence and need for clinical treatment, sober living could be completely subsidized or it could range up to $400/month.

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Our Recovery Campus

Our recovery campuses are in Toledo Ohio and consist of 30 fully furnished apartments and homes. After graduating, we also have apartments and homes that our clients can safely transition to as a place of their own when the time is right, regardless of their history or credit scores.

Housing is available for men and women over the age of 18. Click here for questions about sober living or call 844-561-LIFE

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Toledo Sober living & Recovery Housing

How Much Does Toledo Recovery Housing Cost?

Program fees are $200 every two weeks, and the first payment is due prior to moving in. Payments are due on the 1st, and on the 15th. All residents must pay via money orders. Money orders can be made out to “SBB Rouge”. If your family or someone is assisting with payments from out of the area, please let the housing staff know and we will set up an electronic invoicing/payment system with them. There is also a refundable $20 key deposit that must be paid at the time of moving in. This fee will be returned upon successful discharge, and the refund will be contingent upon the return of your key.

Depending on your level of independence and need for clinical treatment, sober living could be completely subsidized or it could range up to $400/month

How Do I Apply For Recovery Housing?

Click Here! Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted soon.

Do You Have Recovery Housing For Both Men And Women?

Yes! We have gender-specific buildings for men and women, however, they are all located on the same campus.

Are Medications Allowed On Campus?

Please include all medications in your application and our management team will review them.

How Long Can I Live There?

As long as you need to in order to move on to the next phase of your life!

Are Visitors Allowed on Campus?

Yes, absolutely!

Is There A Curfew?

Yes- we ask residents to be in by midnight sunday through thursday, and 1:00 am on friday and saturday.

What Are The Bedrooms Like?

All bedrooms have 2 beds. If you’d prefer to be in a room on your own, you’d simply need to pay for both beds.

Can I keep going to school and/or Work?

Absolutely! We encourage it.

Can I keep My Cellphone/Laptop/Tablet or iPad?


What are the meeting requirements?

We will have a mandatory house meeting weekly on Friday at 7 am. There are daily and weekly chores that need to be completed to keep the property in shape. If you are still in outpatient treatment somewhere, you must complete the treatment recommendations of your providor in order to remain in housing. While living on site, all residents must attend 4 recovery meetings weekly and turn in documentation of meetings attended. Church, 12 step, and other support group meetings do count as approved meetings.

Will I receive support from staff?

Absolutely. Our case managers will work with you from day one to assist you with your needs regarding legal, employment, transportation, family issues, and more. W will also have clinical staff available for counseling as well as medical staff for any psychiatric or medication needs.

Is Staff Onsite?

Our sober living staff is on site daily, but we try our best to promote independent living at this point of your recovery. Our property is equipped with 40 cameras for the safety and accountabilty of all residents.

Are Residents Allowed to Take Overnights?

Yes, residents can go on overnights to stay with family and friends as long as they fill out the overnight request form on our website.

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